Capsule Collection for Alessandro Michieletto

Hommage au pouvoir et à la créativité
Inspirée par les expériences professionnelles et les passions de Michieletto, cette collection fusionne le lettrage du street art hip-hop avec l'effet
Erreà pour AM5
Erreà pour AM5
Soutenez le volley-ball et l'Italie avec notre collection dédiée à Alessandro Michieletto, célèbre pour son premier titre national avec Trentino Volley.

Collection #AM5


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Erreà Capsule Collection for Alessandro Michieletto: A Tribute to Power and Creativity

Explore the extraordinary fusion of performance, power, and determination with the Erreà Capsule for Alessandro Michieletto, a collection that celebrates the unique talent of this Italian volleyball icon.


The Logo: An Unstoppable Leap Immortalized

The centerpiece of this remarkable collection is the logo, born from a moment captured during Alessandro Michieletto's real action on the field. His leap, characterized by unique skill and elevation, becomes the key to visual symbolism. The challenging technique of bending the legs, made natural by Michieletto, translates into a distinctive element that permeates every piece of the collection.

Alessandro Michieletto's initials emerge on either side of the logo as pillars of graphic balance, emphasizing the authenticity of this brand and its direct connection to the young volleyball star. The logo is the result of direct collaboration between Erreà's marketing department and Alessandro himself, ensuring a mark of authenticity ("approved by") that attests to the player's direct involvement in the creation of every single detail.


Erreà Capsule for Alessandro Michieletto: A Blend of Sport and Creativity

This capsule, consisting of five pieces, is a fusion of sport and creativity that captures the dynamic essence of Alessandro Michieletto's career. Digital graphics, always on a black base, offer the option between a monochromatic version and a colored one, giving each piece a unique meaning.

The patchwork of styles and symbols, inspired by Michieletto's career experiences and passions, is the pulsating heart of this fantasy. The Italian flag, a triumphant symbol of victory in the previous championship of Trentino Volley, shines in the center, marking the young volleyball player's first national title. The ball and the playing field emerge vividly, capturing the dynamic essence of this sport with a style that blends hip-hop street art lettering with the "wow" effect of Pop Art.

The patchwork element provides surprising flexibility, allowing the pieces to be moved and recombined at will, thus offering dynamic and unique customization for each individual.


Explore Authenticity: Collection Approved by Alessandro Michieletto

Each piece in this collection is marked with the "approved by" logo, underscoring Alessandro Michieletto's unquestionable involvement in the creation of every single detail. This is the first collection dedicated to a volleyball player, adding value thanks to the explicit recognition of the young Italian volleyball star on each product.