Italian State Police

Italian State Police

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Official State Police Merchandise

In collaboration with Difesa Servizi S.p.A., Erreà Sport S.p.a. has obtained the privilege of becoming the official licensee of the "Polizia di Stato" brand, thus reinforcing a joint commitment to high quality and authenticity.

We have worked hard to create a series of high-quality items that capture the prestige and courage of the police force.


Custom Design


We have taken some of the most iconic models from the catalogue and customised them with the "Polizia Sportswear" badge and a bold pattern featuring the distinctive panther associated with the Italian National Police. Each item is a statement of pride and support for those who work tirelessly to keep our community safe.


Elegance of the Lifestyle Line


To celebrate this special partnership, we have also customised a selection of items from our exclusive Life Style line. Designed in Italy, it features clean lines, a minimalist look, and tone-on-tone colours. The simplicity and elegance of the items pay tribute to the high professional standards of the Italian National Police.


Guaranteed Authenticity


Each item in our Italian National Police merchandising collection features an anti-counterfeiting label and an official product label. This means you can be sure you are buying authentic, high-quality products, made with the same devotion and commitment that define the work of the police force.

We support the Italian National Police and share their commitment to keeping our community safe. By wearing the items in our collection, you can show your respect and gratitude for their service.