1 Apr 2024

The new jersey of Club Atlético Belgrano pays tribute to national history

The new jersey of Club Atlético Belgrano is a vibrant tribute to the history and legacy of the Flag of Macha, conceived and raised by Manuel Belgrano during the Argentine independence struggle.


With its distinctive sky blue and white colors and inspired by the iconic emblem, the jersey features a three-dimensional graphic depicting the flag, graciously provided by the National Historical Museum.


This garment embodies the passion for football and love for the homeland: in 1812, Manuel Belgrano conceived a flag to identify the revolutionaries of the Río de la Plata, using the sky blue and white colors of the cockade. Although it was not accepted due to its rebellion against the Spanish monarchy, its importance persists as a precursor to the Argentine Flag. Belgrano's courage and vision reflect his commitment to the patriotic cause and desire to build a national identity for Argentina.




The Flag of Macha remains an important patriotic symbol in the struggle for the country's independence. This jersey will be proudly worn during the Copa Sudamericana, carrying with it the spirit of the struggle for freedom and the unity of the American peoples.

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