30 Apr 2024

JDA Dijon wins the French Basketball Cup against Strasbourg

The players of JDA Dijon clinched the French Basketball Cup with a final score of 83 to 70.


The game, played against SIG Strasbourg, was marked by spectacular action, but it was JDA Dijon that emerged thanks to an extraordinary collective performance and solid defense, thus consolidating their position among the top teams in French basketball.


This triumph not only strengthens their position among the great teams of French basketball but also adds a new epic chapter to their history. During the match, the team wore a special maroon jersey with a golden V-neck and a sophisticated geometric pattern in tone in the central part and white on the sides and sleeve edges, completed by a customized blue jacket that featured the same design.


But the real originality lies in the white label positioned at the bottom of the jersey. Each player contributed their own touch, personalizing the space with a quote or a phrase that inspires them, adding another level of meaning to this unforgettable victory.

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