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Futsal clothing

Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Futsal Clothing

Explore all the thrill of futsal with the clothing for women, men and children from Erreà, which teams top performance with stand-out style.

With their breathable, lightweight materials, Erreà clothing offers comfort in action, allowing you to express your full potential in every match.

The modern, eye-catching design of the Erreà items will make you stand out on the pitch, with ergonomic clothing that ensures a unique look tailored to the dynamics of futsal.

The ergonomic fit follows the movements of the body, guaranteeing total freedom of movement, helping you to handle even the toughest situations during matches.

Choose Erreà's futsal gear for all your clothing needs, teaming top performance with stand-out style. Step on to the field with Erreà clothing and get ready to dominate the futsal world in style.

Women’s Technical T-shirts

Check out our futsal solutions with the Erreà women’s technical shirts, designed to offer comfort and style in every match.

  • Functional Design: The short set-in sleeve and V neck with internal elastic neck tape offer a comfortable, functional fit. Designed to adapt to the natural movement of the body, this shirt will allow you to focus exclusively on your game.
  • Modern Two-Colour Style: The two-colour shirt, made using the cut and sew technique, brings an eye-catching, modern touch to your look on the field. Tackle your matches in style, with an outstanding touch of elegance and character.
  • Slim fit: The slim fit guarantees a feminine look without compromising on freedom of movement. Ideal for displaying your agility and confidence with every action.
  • Durability and Quality: Crafted with attention to detail and quality materials, this shirt is designed to stand up to numerous uses, allowing you to focus on your game, safe in the knowledge your stylish, high-performance shirt will stand the test of time.

Choose the Erreà women’s technical shirt and get ready to experience futsal with clothing that’s both functional and stylish. Step out onto the field with confidence, knowing that what you’re wearing is able to respond to your needs.

Women’s Shorts

Enjoy your futsal with Erreà’s shorts for women, designed to offer comfort and style during every match.

    • Superb fit: The shorts have a regular fit that ensures maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Tackle every action in the game with agility and confidence, thanks to shorts that adapt perfectly to your body.
    • Elasticated waistband and adjustable drawstrings: The elasticated waistband and adjustable drawstrings guarantee a perfectly snug fit during play, allowing you to focus on your futsal without worrying about fixing your shorts all the time.
    • Stylish details: The contrasting side inserts add a unique touch of style to the shorts, so you can stand out on the pitch. The carefully detailed design lets you express your personality even during the toughest matches.
    • Quality and resistance: Crafted using quality materials, Erreà shorts are designed to stand up to anything futsal throws at you, so you can concentrate on your game knowing that your gear is built to last.

Choose Erreà women’s shorts and get ready for a futsal experience that pairs function with style. Step out onto the playing field with confidence, knowing that what you’re wearing is designed to meet your sporting needs.

Men’s Technical T-shirts

Erreà technical t-shirts for men offer an unrivalled experience, designed for top-level performance and comfort during every futsal match.

  • Innovative Skin Fabric: Thanks to the Skin fabric, these t-shirts offer a second-skin sensation, comfortably enveloping your body. Tackle every move on the pitch with a light, breathable material designed for top performance.
  • Set-in sleeves and crew neck: The set-in sleeves ensure an excellent fit, allowing for precise, agile movement. The crew neck gives the t-shirt a modern look, guaranteeing comfort throughout the match.
  • Internal elastic neck tape: The internal elastic neck tape maintains comfort even during the toughest play situations, so you can concentrate on your game with no worries, thanks to this detail designed to keep you dry.
  • Lasting quality and performance: Crafted with attention to detail and quality materials, Erreà t-shirts are designed to stand up to everything futsal throws at you. Choose a t-shirt that teams style with performance, for a winning look in every match.

Choose Erreà technical t-shirts for men, for a stylish, confident futsal experience. Step out onto the playing field in clothing designed for top performance, and get ready to dominate with all the quality of a leading brand in the sector.

Men’s Shorts

Discover Erreà shorts, the perfect companion to win at futsal!

    • Elasticated waistband with adjustable drawstrings: For a perfect fit and optimal comfort. The adjustable elastic drawstrings ensure a perfectly snug fit, so all you have to do is focus on your game.
    • Bottom hem: Style meets function, with a touch of elegance. As well as completing the look, the finished hem ensures a stable fit, removing any distractions during your winning moves.
    • Regular fit: The perfect combination of comfort and support. Feel free to move with a regular fit that follows the contours of your body, allowing you to express all your talent on the playing field.

Choose Erreà: a game-changer for your futsal performance. Uncompromising style, tailored comfort and top-level performance. Reach out for success with our shorts – because futsal is more than just a game: it’s a passion shared with Erreà.