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Look Mark

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10 colors
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8 colors

8 colors

Erreà's Look Mark represents an elegant and distinctive sportswear collection designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts looking for quality and style.

Characterised by a minimalist design and refined details, Look Mark is distinguished by the following features:

Design and Versatility

The collection includes various types of garments:

    • T-shirts

    • Tank top

    • Polo

    • Sweatshirt with zip

    • Round-neck sweatshirt

These garments have a clean, modern look and are therefore perfect for wearing both during training and during leisure time. The inserts and details, such as the stripes and Erreà logo, add contrast and personality to the look.

Quality and Comfort

The Look Mark garments are made from lightweight, high-quality materials that guarantee comfort and breathability, essential for optimum performance. The cut and fit are designed to offer maximum freedom of movement, allowing athletes to concentrate on their performance without other distractions.

Variety of Colours

Available in a wide range of colours, the Look Mark allows everyone to express their personality with the colour that most reflects them, always maintaining a distinctive sporting identity.

Erreà's Look Mark is therefore the perfect choice for those who want sportswear that combines style, comfort and performance, making it suitable for various sporting disciplines such as football, volleyball, padel, tennis, archery and handball, as well as for pre- and post-training and leisure wear.

Complete your Look
  • Joggers
  • Sport Shorts
  • Women's sport Shorts


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