22 Feb 2024

Twenty years since the glorious Carling Cup: the Boro reintroduces the iconic kit

On February 29th, Middlesbrough Football Club celebrates an epic moment in its football history: the twentieth anniversary of the historic 2004 Carling Cup victory against Bolton Wanderers Football Club.


This triumph, which has written indelible pages in the memories of fans, is honored with an extraordinary commemoration through the reintroduction of the jerseys that marked that unforgettable moment.


In their bold red hue, enriched with delicate white details, these kits are further enhanced by the inclusion, in the inner collar of the shirt, of the inscription "Carling Cup 29th February 2004".



This additional detail not only underscores the historical significance of that moment, but also adds a tangible element of pride and belonging for fans, who can carry the memory of that unforgettable victory wherever they go.

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