7 Feb 2024

The unstoppable leap of Alessandro Michieletto in a logo

Alessandro Michieletto has emerged as a leading figure on the volleyball court. One of the top athletes of Trentino Volley and the Italian national team, he embodies a combination of performance, power and determination that has attracted attention both in Italy and beyond.


With his skill and aerial ability, Michieletto is able to channel his strength, positioning the ball with extraordinary precision and an unconventional style.




This ability has been captured and reproduced on a logo, created using a photograph taken during an actual action. The movement of his leap thus becomes the key element in the visual symbology. Bending the legs in this way can be arduous technically, but it comes naturally to Alessandro, and is a distinctive element of his game. The two initials of Alessandro Michieletto at the sides bring balance to the graphic effect. The outline, representing his signature movement, is a shining example of his talent, ready to accompany us in the future.




The logo was devised and designed by the Erreà marketing department, with the direct collaboration of Alessandro for the development of the concept. It will act as an authentic trademark (approved by) of the collection dedicated to the genuine young volleyball star, highlighting his direct involvement in the creation and verification of the line that bears his name. This brings added value to the collection, with the explicit acknowledgement of the player himself on the products. It is the very first time a collection has been dedicated to a volleyball player.

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