18 Feb 2024

The special jerseys of Umana Reyer Venezia and Germani Brescia for the Final Eight Coppa Italia 2024

The Final Eight of Coppa Italia 2024 saw not only the basketball teams' skills on the court shine, but also their creativity in expressing the essence of their respective cities through special jerseys. Umana Reyer Venezia and Germani Brescia thrilled fans not only with their sporting talent, but also with jerseys that tell the story and identity of the two locations.






The special uniforms pay tribute to the Scuola Grande della Misericordia of Venice, the heart of sports activities since 1914. The School and Reyer share a history in basketball, with the first floor of the building dedicated to wooden courts and stands, becoming an icon of Venetian basketball. In addition to sports, the Scuola Grande is renowned for artworks by Veronese, Zanchi, Lazzarini, and Tintoretto, enriching the cultural heritage. The jerseys embody this unique bond, representing the historical and artistic greatness of Venice.





The new uniforms feature an elegant and sophisticated design, capturing attention with their refined color combination. The main jersey showcases a predominant shade of blue, enriched with white and blue details that harmoniously blend along the sides, with a square neckline adding a touch of modernity. The second kit, equally captivating, stands out for an elegant color reversal that emphasizes the element of class. Here, white takes precedence, creating a suggestive chromatic contrast.


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