12 Nov 2023

The Club Atlético Lanús presents the third jersey inspired by the 2013 Sudamericana Cup

Club Atlético Lanús has unveiled the third jersey for the 2023-2024 season, inspired by the attire worn by the Grenates a decade ago when they secured their first CONMEBOL Sudamericana Cup, solidifying their status as one of the most significant teams in South America.


The predominantly blue jersey features garnet details on the sleeves, creating a striped effect reminiscent of the original design. The distinctive touch is the inclusion of the fans' chant, "siempre Lanús en nuestro fútbol nadie te podrá igualar", within the stripes, giving this jersey a unique aura.




At the center of the chest is an alternative version of the Club Atlético emblem, adorned with stars symbolizing the titles won. White lines, found in the side details and on the edges of the sleeves, complete the design, imparting a refined elegance.

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