10 Nov 2023

Erreà, new partner of Bacci Trasmissioni Meccaniche

Erreà is excited to announce a new collaboration with  Bacci Trasmissioni Meccaniche, a historic Italian company linked to the world of motorsport, currently led by the third generation. Bacci Romano Trasmissioni Meccaniche specializes in the production of sequentials, differentials, and high-precision gearboxes, with a rich history of success in the automotive industry.


The company boasts an illustrious history, with Italian champions using their transmissions to win titles in the world of motorsport. Both companies share a passion for innovation and high quality, values at the core of this partnership, where Erreà will commit to providing promotional material, contributing to promoting the company and its legacy of excellence in the industry.


Fabrizio Taddei, Head of the Global Sponsorship Department, says, "Associating with a company with such a prestigious history and a reputation for excellence is a source of great satisfaction for Erreà. The partnership with Team Bacci Romano allows us to expand our portfolio of teams linked to motorsport. We look forward to hitting the track together with Matteo."


Andrea Bacci, CEO of Bacci: "We are proud and delighted to collaborate with a company of international caliber as significant as Erreà. Two historic companies with a long history of success and satisfaction are coming together. We are confident that this collaboration can be an opportunity for both to grow and develop".

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