Artistic gymnastics: the French men’s and women's national teams at the European Championships in Cluj-Napoca!

Other Sports18/04/2017

The stage is set for the start of the 2017 individual European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The event will take place in one of the great cradles of the sport, that will once again host the competition from 19 to 23 April, forty years after it was staged there for the first and only time.

Competing at the event will be the French men’s and women's national teams that have Erreà as their official technical partner.Staged for the first time in 1955 only for men (the women's competition began two years later), since 2005 the event, on odd years no longer includes team competitions or those especially for juniors. Consequently only individual titles will be awarded at the end of this week of competition.

The program envisages two days of podium training, on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18, followed by the competition proper, that will begin on Wednesday with the start of the qualification rounds for the various specialities. The finals will take place from Friday to Sunday, and the Championships will conclude with the men's high bar competition.

Here's wishing both our national sides all the very best!