Fitness and Training Clothing

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Fitness and training clothing

Explore the world of fitness and training clothing from Erreà, designed to take your training to a new level of comfort and style.

Our men’s and women’s collections feature modern designs and sophisticated details. Each item is designed to help you feel confident and motivated, whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or striving to reach new targets.

Choose Erreà Fitness & Training, for clothing that meets your needs in terms of performance and style. Tackle every training session with confidence, with a brand that teams quality and function with elegance. Wear Erreà and bring grit and determination to your fitness journey.

Men’s and Women’s T-shirts and Vests

Explore our selection of Erreà t-shirts and vests for fitness and training, which team style and function to accompany you during every stage of your training journey.

Our training t-shirts are designed with light, breathable fabrics, to keep you cool and focused with every movement. The close fit follows your curves, offering comfortable support and highlighting your determination.

Erreà fitness vests are the ideal choice for those seeking light weight and freedom of movement. The technical fabrics allow for optimal ventilation, while the modern design adds a touch of style to your sporty look.

Every Erreà item features sophisticated design details that will help you feel confident and motivated during every training session. Whether you’re lifting weights, doing yoga or out for a run, our t-shirts and vests offer all the comfort and style you need to overcome any challenge.

Choose Erreà Women’s Fitness & Training range, for clothing that satisfies your performance and fashion demands. Dress tough, dress stylish. With Erreà, every training session gives you a chance to shine.

Women’s Shorts, Leggings and Tracksuits

Explore our selection of fitness and training shorts, leggings and tracksuits, designed to help you shine while you push back your limits.

Our training shorts are the perfect choice for women looking to combine agility and style. Light, breathable fabrics offer maximum comfort, while the fit has been studied so you can perform every movement with ease and elegance.

Erreà fitness leggings offer a perfect blend of comfort and design. Top-quality stretch fabrics embrace your curves, guaranteeing a perfect fit that supports your every move. Whether you’re lifting weights or at a yoga lesson, our leggings will make you feel fabulous.

Erreà training tracksuits are a stylish complement to sporty looks. Light, resistant fabrics guarantee a seamless transition from the gym to the street. With design details that add a touch of elegance, you'll be ready for anything.

Choose the Erreà Women’s Fitness & Training range, for clothing that reflects your determination and your unique style. All our shorts, leggings and tracksuits are designed to offer you the very best in terms of performance and fashion. Wear Erreà training gear for a gritty, sophisticated look.

Men’s Tracksuits and Shorts

Explore our selection of Erreà fitness and training tracksuits and shorts, designed for men looking to tackle every training session with determination, comfort and distinctive style.

Our training shorts offer the perfect combination of freedom of movement and support. Light, breathable fabrics allow you to tackle any exercise with agility, while the carefully studied fit follows the contours of your body, boosting your confidence during every squat, run or weight training session.

Erreà fitness tracksuits are the ideal complement to your sporty look. Resistant, comfortable fabrics accompany you during every stage of training, from warm-up through to recovery. The modern design details keep you looking great even once you leave the gym.

Every Erreà item is carefully designed with quality and comfort in mind, for an active lifestyle. Choose the Erreà Men’s Fitness & Training range, for clothing that exceeds your expectations, allowing you to overcome any challenge with style and determination. With Erreà, get ready to take performance to the next level.