8 Jul 2024

The new Bari 2024/2025 shirts: a tribute to the city and its hidden treasures

Historic mosaics and floral motifs: this is how Bari will wear the new shirts made by Erreà for the 2024/2025 season.


The match kits, inspired by the history and art of Bari, are a tribute to the city and its hidden treasures.


The first shirt, white with red details, and the second, red with white details, are inspired by the Mosaic of Timoteo, located in the basement of the Cathedral of San Sabino in Bari, the oldest and most mysterious area of the city.


This takes its name from a believer who, to fulfil a vow, completed the decoration of the room with a rare and valuable mosaic: a stone carpet that symbolises the sea that surrounds the city.




The mosaic motif has been reproduced in tone on the shirts, creating a visual and symbolic link with Bari’s rich history and culture.


The third match shirt, in anthracite and black, is inspired by the silver plate of the altar of Patronage in the Basilica of San Nicola. The altar plate is decorated with floral motifs and an inscription of 624 Latin characters which is still mysterious.


The peculiarity of this shirt also lies in the inclusion of the matching shield, which harmonises perfectly with the overall design, enhancing the elegance and refinement of the garment.


The three shirts have a V-neckline and a sweatband personalised with the words SSC Bari and accompanied by the iconic cockerel, symbol of the club.


Designed to ensure maximum comfort and optimum performance for the players, the kits are produced in Mundial fabric, renowned for its softness and comfort, with a double-knit construction that enhances ventilation and helps regulate the body temperature.


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