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These Sales Terms and Conditions (the ""Conditions"") govern the proposal, forwarding and acceptance of purchase orders for our products (the ""Products"") placed through our website errea.it (the ""Website""), as well as the delivery of the Products so purchased in Italy (except for the Livigno and Campione d'Italia areas) and in the European countries. Before placing any order, please read these Conditions carefully, and confirm reading and acceptance thereof. These Conditions, together with the Order Confirmation, are an integral part of the contract you have subscribed with Erreà for the purchase of the Products you selected. The contract may be modified only by virtue of a mutual agreement made in writing or by e-mail. Erreà Sport S.p.A. (“Erreà”) reserves the right to modify, integrate or simply update these Conditions. The modifications shall be notified to the users on the Home Page of the Website and shall be binding as of the date of their publication. For any information or query, please contact or Customer Service or see the “FAQ” area.
All the Products are described on our Website by means of a ""Product sheet"" which provides their technical characteristics. Each piece of information, image or content is purely indicative, as the colours that you may view through your monitor, which may differ from the real colours of the products we will deliver. Also in this event, for any information or query, please contact our Customer Service. Any and all information concerning the Products on our Website may be modified at any time without prior notice. These modifications shall not affect the Orders that you have already forwarded and that we have already accepted according to the methods and rules provided for by art. 2 below.
You may place an order if you have reached your age of majority. First select the Products you wish to purchase, and then complete the verification procedure. Enter your personal data and payment details. If you have already registered, please use your personal account for logging-in. If you haven't registered yet, please register now. The Orders must be complete, therefore please take the greatest care to correctly enter all the information required. On sending the Order, you confirm that you are knowledgeable with these Conditions, that you accept them unconditionally and agree to observe them. Failure to agree to these conditions shall cause your Order to be rejected. When you send an Order, you make an offer to purchase the Products selected. The Orders are subject to verification of Product availability and to our acceptance. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, not to accept your Order if:
  • • You provided incorrect personal information;
  • • The Products ordered are not available;
  • • There is an error on the Website concerning the Products that you ordered (e.g. incorrect price or Product description);
  • • The order is incomplete or incomprehensible.
If Erreà believes that your Order may not be accepted, you will be contacted via e-mail or by telephone. Together we may correct any wrong information entered, or we may suggest alternative Products in the case of unavailability or errors relating to the Products you selected. Should you not be willing to accept our advice, we will delete your Order or we will deliver only the Products available. We will refund any products that we are not able to deliver and that you have already paid within 30 (thirty) days as of the Order date. Following your Order, we will send you an e-mail summarising the information contained therein (quantities purchased, price and delivery terms). The said e-mail shall not be understood as acceptance confirmation of your Order. We will send you a second e-mail to confirm shipment of the Products you ordered.
In the event that the Products shown on our Website are no longer available at the time of sending your Order and if we are not able to send you the Products ordered within 30 (thirty) days as of Order date, we will contact you by e-mail to ask you whether you wish to cancel your order, in full or in part. If the order is cancelled, we will refund any amount you paid in advance. Should you not respond to our request, after 7 (seven) days we will cancel your Order entirely and will refund any amount already paid in advance.
The prices of the Products are shown on the Website, they are expressed in Euros and are VAT inclusive (they are shown in Pounds for the UK market and in Zloty or the Polish market). The prices are subject to updates. Any changes shall not affect your Order if we have already accepted it and sent the related shipment confirmation. Shipment costs, if not otherwise agreed, shall be at your charge. The system will provide information on the related costs, which shall depend on the amount of your Order.
To pay the Products purchased and the related shipment and delivery charges, you may choose among different payment methods (e.g. Credit Card, PayPal etc.) that you will find listed on the Website. If you are paying by credit card, you shall provide all the data required. To accept your Order and send you the Products purchased we will wait for the transaction authorisation from your credit or debit card issuing bank or company. Your online transactions will be secured by SETEFI (Intesa San Paolo Group) by means of the e-commerce (virtual POS) service referred to as “MonetaWeb”. If you wish to pay by PayPal, you will have to access your account using your e-mail and password to confirm payment. The Products will be sent when payment has been completed. If we do not receive payment within 30 days as of your Order date, we will cancel your Order and send you an e-mail to confirm Order cancellation.
The Products may be purchased only if the delivery address is in the same country of the purchaser and they shall be delivered to address specified in the Order. The Products purchased via the Website may be shipped only in Italy (excluding the Livigno and Campione d'Italia areas) and to European Countries*. The costs incurred shall be at your charge. We will send the Products only after receiving payment of your Order. When the Products have been delivered to the freight forwarder, we will send you an e-mail to confirm Order Shipment. You may always monitor your Order progress by following the link on the e-mail that our freight forwarder will send you as soon as your order has been uploaded.
If, for any reason, you should return the Products purchased, you are kindly requested to carefully read our “Return Policy”.
Our aim is to assure full customer satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your Order or you simply changed your mind following our Order Shipment Confirmation via e-mail, you may exercise your right of withdrawal without incurring in penalties, on condition that the products concerned are not customised products and that the following conditions are fully observed: a) The withdrawal notice must be given within 14 (fourteen) working days as of delivery date, by filling in the form in the Contacts section of our Website. b) The Products must be returned pursuant to the instructions given in the Return Policy and, in any event, within 14 (fourteen) days from the withdrawal notification. The cost of returning the Products shall be at your own expense. We will refund you as soon as possible and, in any event, no later than 14 (fourteen) days as of the date on which you exercised your withdrawal right, subject to observance of these Conditions. We kindly inform you that we will retain your refund until we receive the goods or notice of their shipment has been sent to us. The right of withdrawal does not apply to customised products.
These Conditions govern all the obligations and liabilities pertaining to the supply of the Products. In any other event not expressly provided for herein we shall not be held liable nor shall we be subject to any warranty, conditions or terms that may be binding for us in relation to the supply or delivery of the Products.
As regards the processing of your personal data, please read the notice that you will find in the Privacy Policy section. Please read it carefully.
The contents of this Website, Erreà's trademark, as well as all the trademarks, be they figurative or of another kind, distinctive marks, illustrations, images and logos that appear on our Products, accessories or packages, be they registered or not, are and shall remain the exclusive property of ERREA Sport S.p.A.. Reproduction, in full or in part, as well as the modification or use of such trademarks, illustrations, images and logos, for any reason and by any means is forbidden without our prior and express written consent.
Erreà may not be held liable in the case of force majeure events (by way of example and not limited thereto, natural disasters, explosions, flooding, fire or accidents; wars or civil riots; strikes, labour unrest or work lockouts; any type of government action; action or omission by a third party; negligence on the part of our suppliers; errors in the delivery address or failure to notify address changes or failed payment) which may lead to delays or failure to process your Order. We will take care that you are promptly informed of any unforeseen event and we shall fulfil our obligations in the shortest possible time. Should the interruption exceed 15 (fifteen) days, you will have the right to cancel your Order and be refunded of any amount already advanced.
These Conditions are governed by the Italian Law and in particular by Legislative Decree No 206 of 6 September 2005 on the Consumer Protection Code as it has been amended pursuant to directive 2011/83/UE, specifically as regards Distance Selling regulations.
For any other question pertaining to these Conditions, our Products or your Order you may contact our Customer Service or at the number 05213102.
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