Goalkeeper Gloves

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Goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves are absolute must-haves to protect the fingers and palms of hands from contact with a football travelling at speed.

Erreà's know-how has produced gloves designed to protect the goalkeeper to the hilt, while guaranteeing absolute comfort.

Professional gloves: get the best

Erreà gloves are designed to guarantee the best performance, at every level: from professional to amateur. The use of cutting-edge technologies and materials combined with keen attention to detail inspire unparalleled performances.

Among the main features to consider when choosing goalkeeper gloves are:

  • freedom of movement
  • palm grip
  • wear resistance

Here are some of the details that make them unique:

  • They have a negative cut for greater wrap-around and so as to transmit greater sensitivity during gripping (except for the Zero Retrò model)
  • In contrast, the outer stitching of the Retro gloves, referred to as 'flat', provides a wider structure and an impact surface that adapts to the fingers at the moment of impact.
  • They have no spines on the back so as to give the goalkeeper greater freedom of movement.

Erreà Zero The Icon

Erreà Zero The Icon goalkeeper gloves are ideal for indoor and outdoor training, on all types of ground and in different weather conditions such as snow, mud or rain, including synthetic pitches. Extremely versatile and flexible, their grip guarantees the best possible contact during gripping.


Grip is a distinguishing feature of goalkeeper gloves. Made of high-quality latex, Erreà gloves offer an excellent grip to ensure optimal ball control. The thickness of the latex affects grip and tactile sensitivity.

Erreà's 4 mm latex goalkeeper gloves create the ideal combination of grip and sensitivity.

Boys’ goalkeeper gloves

Erreà has always been dedicated to the needs of young goalkeepers. The boys’ gloves are designed to offer protection, secure grip and comfort during saves. Boys’ models generally cover the age bracket between 8 and 11 years.

Size guide

Choosing the right size is of paramount importance for guaranteeing excellent performance. Use our size guide to measure your hand correctly and find your ideal goalkeeper glove size.

Use a tape measure or flexible ruler to calculate the width of your palm, not including your thumb. Ensure that the tape measure or ruler adheres to your skin but not too tightly.

Then refer to the size table to find the corresponding size: