Tests performed in accordance with ISO 18184using the SARS-CoV-2 virus, have proved that in the laboratory,
Ti-energy®3.0 can reduce the viral load by 99.85% compared to a standard polyester fabric six hours after coming into contact with the virus.

The new Ti-energy® 3.0 yarn has significantly evolved features and functionalities thanks to the use of two distinct technologies:

• permanent integration of zinc oxide nanoparticles encapsulated in the fibres of the yarn to achieve effective antiviral and antibacterial properties;

Minusnine J1+ treatment to make the yarn extremely hydrophobic.

This dual function makes the yarn more effective in terms of both integrated antiviral and antibacterial capacity and water repellency. The yarn thus becomes a useful barrier offering protection against:

  • • Micro-organism (viruses, bacteria, fungi)
  • • Droplets
  • • Liquids
  • • Body odour
  • • Chafing


The Minusnine J1+ treatment gives the yarn a fundamental hydrophobic property that prevents the penetration of all kinds of liquid that may come in contact with it, making sure it stays dry. Thanks to this treatment liquid simply glides off the surface in droplets, taking away any impurities and preventing mould, unpleasant odours and stains from developing. Ti-energy® 3.0 is also breathable.


A certification that sets extremely stringent limitations on the use of harmful substances, to help protect and take care of athletes’ health. The certification ensures that the fabrics have passed the STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX®, which include:

  • • Search for carcinogenic azo-colorants and allergens
  • • Release of formaldehyde
  • • Search for chlorophenols, chlorinated benzenes and toluenes
  • • Release of extractable heavy metals
  • • Testing of colour fastness
  • • Determination of the pH value in aqueous extract
  • • Search for organic tin compounds