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Product code: U185
Oeko Tex Certified Product
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A true athlete knows perfectly that to obtain the best performance you must wear the right apparel. This is why we have created the Anatomic briefs: for athletes who practice sport on a regular basis and who want to face their challenges with the best possible support. These briefs are perfect for any sport thanks to the highly technical fabrics they are made of, specially designed to provide support and protection in all conditions. The Anatomic briefs are made of Ti-energy fabric: thanks to the use of silver and titanium nano-particles, this fabric is water-repellent, antibacterial, stain-resistant and it eases blood flow. This fabric, however, provides further advantages: The Ti-energy fabric helps maintaining a constant body and muscle temperature. By improving tissue oxygenation, it helps eliminate toxins, release any build-up of lactic acid, recover from inflammations and micro-traumas, and it quickens recovery from muscular traumas.

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