Italian Nat. Volley Team

Italian Nat. Volley Team

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Official Italian National Volleyball Team Merchandise

Wearing the apparel of the Italian Volleyball Federation is the best way to express your enthusiasm and support for the team.

The official merchandise of the Volleyball National Team is signed by Erreà: you can find the official jerseys of the Women's and Men's National Teams only on our e-Commerce platform and at official retailers.

The National Team collection tells the story of the love for sports and our country, combining the technical performance of fabrics with Italian design.

The National Volleyball Jersey: Style and Identity

On our e-Commerce platform and at official retailers, you can discover the National Volleyball jerseys, both for women and men.

These garments are the result of a special collaboration between Erreà Sport and the Italian Volleyball Federation: they embody the team's identity and the proud spirit of the fans.

The colors are traditional: the "Italy" blue, white, and blue, combined in a geometric graphic with tone-on-tone transfer printing. Attention to detail is evident: from the fabric quality to the blue finishes on the collar, sleeves, and sides. A precious detail: the subtle gold line that celebrates past victories.

Tell your love for the Italian National Volleyball Team with style! The National Volleyball Jerseys are much more than simple sportswear: they celebrate the unity, energy, and passion of Italian volleyball.