Every day, we renew our commitment to offer those who love and practice sports the quality and well-being of our apparel, creating products that will make a difference in the performance of those who wear it.

We want to be the first choice, when it comes to brand and product, for athletes and sports clubs around the world.

This is why we strive to be leaders in the teamwear sector with products that build on our passion for sports, technological innovation and stylistic design.





Our Mission lies in the practices that guide our company every day, the plan that steers the work that we do and the goals to be achieved so that our vision can become reality.

These are our goals for the future:


- To produce sportswear and technical apparel capable of improving the typical movements of the athletes who use them in the various sports.

- To pursue constant improvement and increase our levels of quality, prompt response  and customer service.

- To be market leaders, strengthening our position and continuing to conquer the most attractive markets.

- To build a winning network of customers and suppliers and to create with them a fruitful and long-lasting synergism.

- To reduce our impact on the planet and contribute responsibly to the construction of sustainable communities.




our values


Our values drive our actions, defining the way we conduct ourselves and inspiring our personnel.


Passion. This is the passion for sports and the personal contribution we can make with our work, experienced with both mind and heart.

Coraggio. This gives us the strength to  evolve, to choose new paths and react to change.

Authenticity. This is a multi-faceted concept, combining a number of elements that we consider fundamental, such as pride in our identity and our history, coherence with our company’s principles, credibility and strong ties to our area.

Inquisitiveness. This is the desire and the humility to study the market and learn from it, heeding it.

Collaboration. This is making use of the collective contribution that originates from the single contribution of every individual within the company

Quality: This is the desire to offer products of excellence that comply with the highest quality and safety standards.

Product study and research This is something we prioritise every day, through our efforts and investments, to improve the product from both the technological and design standpoints.

Consumer satisfaction and care: This is our first and greatest responsibility. Customer service and care are our prerogative.

Caring for the environment This is one of the key values that drives our corporate conduct, in the awareness that to be truly eco-friendly means above all to be against consumerism.