Erreà Sport is convinced that safeguarding the environment around us is one of the responsibilities that a company takes on in respect of its customers, consumers and society.

Awareness and social-environmental respect are among the key values and objectives of our corporate mission.

This is why Erreà is extremely mindful with regard to the efficient use of resources and raw materials, and strives increasingly to save energy, cut down on waste, reduce harmful emissions and the use of pollutants in its manufacturing processes.


Every type of corporate activity is responsible for a certain amount of pollution. This is why we endeavour constantly, every day, to reduce this impact.

In compliance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, we have chosen to use dyes that are non-toxic and non-polluting.

Safeguarding the health of our employees, using dyes that are not harmful, carefully managing supporting services and creating increasingly more sophisticated water treatment plants are the result of years of research and a tangible sign of a commitment to the environment that will remain part of our company's future development.







Erreà requires all its sources of production to comply with precise quality standards as a guarantee that all its supplies are undertaken in conformity with international law and local regulations regarding labour and under suitable social and environmental conditions, explicitly excluding the use of child labour in order to comply with safety standards and basic human rights.

Erreà only works with suppliers that respect recognised international requirements, irrespective of the fact the law in force in certain countries may allow a greater tolerance.


The application of these conditions is also guaranteed through constant inspections, by the company, of the various international suppliers' premises. Where discrepancies or non-compliance with the required standards are found, Erreà will review its commercial agreements with such suppliers.








Erreà undertakes to be transparent throughout all of its production stages.

Information about the origins of materials helps us monitor quality and assess the social-environmental impact of our products.

Erreà requires its suppliers to provide detailed and exhaustive documentation with regard to supplies and the production chain.


We require technical data sheets, documents of traceability and the related third party certifications for each and every fabric or finish used by us.