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Constant innovation in the development of new technologies and materials applied to sports is what drives us in the direction of our first priority: Quality

Quality, technology and tradition make up the distinctive mix that characterises our products and set them apart.

Erreà's strength  lies in its ability to combine  the most sophisticated and modern equipment with precious hand-crafted work, that always takes the utmost care and is mindful of the accuracy of even the smallest detail.





The use of fabrics for sportswear with high performance characteristics and for outwear garments with that sought-after style, is always at the centre of our work that is ever mindful of the market's latest trends.

The constant search for the perfect material, the uncompromising requisite combination of quality, functionality and comfort is the challenge we set ourselves every day.

All of Erreà's fabrics are Oeko-Tex Certified and the checks on these begin with a careful selection of the raw materials from which they are obtained. We want to guarantee our customers a product that is always of the highest standard. That's why we insist our suppliers comply with the most stringent of requirements.

Once delivered to us, an in-house technical laboratory tests the quality of the yarns in line with the sector's recognised standards, and also uses instruments and methods that have been proven and tested over time. Our laboratory can conduct as many as 50 different tests before approving a fabric and before stocking it in our warehouse, classifying it according to type and colour.

The weight per square metre of the fabrics is scrupulously checked and the evaluation of the colours takes place in a special booth equipped with specific Marks&Spencer certified lights.




Schede tessuto



The tests that normally back our fabrics are:


• To natural and artificial light (colour booth)


• To washing with water and dry-cleaning (colour change)


• To perspiration - acid and alkaline (spray test)


• Weight and grams per meter check ("rod")



• To abrasion and breakage (Martindale machine)


• Pulled threads and pilling (“pilling-snagging test”)



• Sewing tests

• Ironing tests

• Print tests

WATER PERMEABILITY TEST on fabrics used for windbreakers and jackets.

Once the tests have been carried out and completed technical data sheets are compiled for each of the fabrics and these are stored in our warehouse filing system.