Erreà USA opened an office in New York devoted to the development and promotion of the 3D Wear line and Active Tense items on the North American market.  



Erreà USA opened an office in New York devoted to the development and promotion of the 3D Wear line and Active Tense items on the North American market.  


Erreà comes from a background of growth and transformation, a family-run business that, year after year, progress after progress, has become an internationally renowned company.


So much has happened since the launch of that small business with only a few employees and a textile machinery workshop. From the very outset we discovered the strength to become manufacturers, and our ability to create and make garments, to choose and select fabrics were the secret of our great success. An ancient trade, updated to an industrial enterprise, incorporating the skilful use of yarns and increasingly state-of-the-art systems and equipment.


Already in 1988, the year of its foundation, it had acquired a historically prestigious sponsorship, that of Genoa Calcio. Erreà consolidated its rapid growth on the international market and made its first appearance abroad. A ten-year partnership with Middlesbrough in England provided the impetus that was to take the Erreà logo around Europe.


As a family-run business Erreà began to take on a “glocal” connotation, both global and local, mindful of international development, but also of its relationship with the local area where the description 'family-run' literally means being able to call on those values that only a family can express: a passion for one's work, sharing, a love for the product and for new projects.


The sponsorship of sporting events that attracted huge media interest, the collaboration with the National Amateurs' League, the creation of Errea Points, attainment of the Oeko-Tex certification, the manufacture of the largest shirt in the world and the penetration of markets outside the European borders are just some of the many goals achieved, whilst ensuring that quality and care for the customer remain at the heart of everything we do.


Determination and commitment, closely bound by a common goal and direction, are the foundations on which the successes of the past have been built and on which future goals will be too.






Angelo Gandolfi founded Erreà Sport in San Polo di Torrile, in the Province of Parma.







Erreà's adventure in the world of professional football began with the signing of the first prestigious technical sponsorship deal with Serie A's Genoa Calcio.





Erreà expanded its technical collaborations beyond the Italian border and signed a crucial sponsorship contract with Middlesbrough FC in England. This marked the beginning of a historical partnership that was to last 15 years and was to make the Erreà logo famous throughout Europe.







These were the years in which, for the first time, Erreà participated in some of the sector's major trade fairs both in Italy and abroad, boosting its brand awareness and visibility (first time at Ispo Munich and Sport Show in Genoa)





The official retail network of Erreà Points was created. It was meant to become a point of reference for sports clubs across the country and for lovers of sports who were looking for technical teamwear and leisurewear products.




Erreà launched the 3Dwear line on the market, a special technical-underwear range designed to help and improve athletic performance through its seamless technology and more innovative yarns.






Erreà won the coveted "Best Kit Design" in the Football League Awards award with its Burnley's away kit (2006-2007 season).







Erreà received Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for all its products. The certification is issued by one of the most important international certifying bodies, a global point of reference for 20 years when it comes to safety and eco-friendly textiles.







Working in collaboration with the giant Konami, Erreà produced the largest football jersey in the world in support of a charity initiative by UNICEF on occasion of the launch of the video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2008






Erreà took centre stage by achieving a significant first: the manufacture of unique and exclusive team shirts created with the use of nanotechnologies.







The right combination of creativity, intuition and innovation led to the launch of the Erreà Republic line, designed for younger consumers looking for a fresh, contemporary street style.






Erreà Sport registered its trademark logo with the FIVB, International Volleyball Federation, the top international organization overseeing volleyball. As a result of this registration Erreà was granted the possibility of kitting-out men's and women's national teams from different countries around the world.







Years of targeted studies and technological research led to the development of the first Active Tense prototype.






The Active Tense line was officially launched in Europe and began being used successfully by professional and amateur athletes in a variety of sports, from football to canoeing and archery to baseball.




An important study, the German Sport University in Cologne, certified the efficacy of Active Tense products.


Erreà opened its branch in Brazil.







To increasingly meet the needs of its clients, sports enthusiasts, athletes and sports clubs more effectively, Erreà launched its first e-commerce site.  






Erreà USA opened an office in New York devoted to the development and promotion of the 3D Wear line and Active Tense items on the North American market.