Can I change or cancel my order if it hasn't been shipped yet?

You may not change or cancel an order once it has been entered. Erreà Sport shall do its best to process your order in the shortest possible time and to respect the delivery deadlines envisaged. You have the right to return the garments you ordered within 14 working days of their receipt (withdrawal) For further information please refer to our 'Sales Terms and Conditions' or to our 'Returns' section.

Can I order products by telephone?

We currently cannot accept telephone orders.

How can I be sure that Erreà has received my order?

After entering your order you will receive an e-mail confirming that it will be delivered at the address you provided. If you do not receive the summary confirmation notice, please contact our customer service.

What type of communications will I receive from Erreà after sending my order?

After entering your order, you will receive the following messages by e-mail:

Order summary: This is to confirm that we received the order you requested. You should receive this summary message in a few minutes after sending your order. All the orders are subject to availability of the products requested. Should an item be unavailable following placement of an order, we will contact you to suggest a similar item or to give you the opportunity to change or cancel your order

Shipment confirmation: You will receive, directly from our freight forwarder, an e-mail to confirm that the goods have been shipped. Thee-mail will report the tracking number so that you can monitor your order shipment.

Invoice sending: You will receive your invoice in pdf format by e-mail, and on paper copy inside your package.

Why was my order rejected ?

Your order may be rejected in the event that:

  • You provided incorrect personal information;
  • The Products ordered are not available;
  • There is an error on our Website concerning the Products you ordered (e.g. an error concerning the Products' price or their description);
  • The order is incomplete or incomprehensible;
  • Problems linked to payment.

For further details please contact our Customer Service through our Website.

Can I add an item after confirming my order?

You may not change or cancel items after entering your order. Erreà Sport shall do its best to process your order in the shortest possible time and to respect the delivery deadlines envisaged. If you wish to order additional products, please send a new order.

I have a Promotional Code, where do I have to enter it?

In the checkout page, when you are making your payment, you will find a window to enter your Promotional Code. Make sure that you copy it correctly and do not type any space before and after it. Click the button provided to confirm.

How can I track my order?

Check your tracking number on the e-mail that our freight forwarder sent you at the time of shipment. Follow the instructions shown on the e-mail to monitor your shipment progress.