For the first time in its history Zenit Kazan has won the  Club World Championship, beating Lube Civitanova 3-0 (27-25, 25-22, 25-22).   Alekno’s club, which has a record of five European Champions League titles in a decade, wins the tournament thanks to the wonderful trio of Leon (Cuba), Anderson (America), Michajlov (Russia), who were out of this world, compared to the Italian team whose Osmany Juantorena was not enough to stop the Russian advance. The giants of Kazan were merciless and, after losing their title to Brazil's Sada Cruzeiro a year ago, rightly made the title their own.  And so it is that seven months later, Zenit wins once again against an Italian team. In Rome, at the Champions League final, it was Perugia that was the sacrificial lamb, but this time in Cracow it was Lube that, although defeated, finished the tournament with its head held high. This is Zenit’s third trophy this season, having already won the Superleague and the Russian Cup.   Our heartfelt Congratulations!!!!