At the end of the second week of the World League 2017, the brightest star on the court has been France, the only team in the tournament not to have dropped a point, scoring victories over Russia, Italy and the USA. In Pau, Tillie’s players, thanks to the excellent team performance, are likely to have a major role to play in this 28th edition of the historic FIVB competition. Despite their generous efforts Blengini’s Italy team lost their matches against the USA, Russia and France, while Belgium, which lost to Iran and Serbia, managed to pull off a victory against Argentina. The third weekend of matches is now set for Antwerp, in Belgium, where Erreà will be present with an exhibition space where it will be selling all the official merchandising of the Royal Belgian Volleyball Federation, of which it is the technical sponsor. The programme of the matches is as follows: 16 JUNE ITALY - FRANCE 5.10 P.M.; BELGIUM - CANADA 8.10 P.M. 17 JUNE FRANCE - CANADA 5.10 P.M.; ITALY - BELGIUM ORE 8.10 P.M. 18 JUNE CANADA - ITALY ORE 1.00 P.M.; BELGIUM - FRANCE 4.00 P.M. Lots of Erreà derbies for a weekend worth watching from start to finish. The very best of luck to both our teams!!!