Excitement is mounting in Eboli ahead of the last round of the Women's Volleyball Nation League that from 12 to 14 June will focus the entire attention of the world of Italian volleyball.   In addition to Davide Mazzanti's Italian national side the PalaSele will also be hosting Belgium, another Erreà team, Thailand and Brazil. The city, in the province of Salerno, will therefore be the setting for three great days of volleyball, during which Chirichella and her team-mates will be playing for a qualification place in the Final Six in Nanjing (27 June - 1 July). And it will be precisely in the round in Eboli that Erreà will be present with two points of sale. One will be inside the PalaSele arena, the other outside, where all the official merchandising of the Italian national team will go on sale. Not an easy undertaking, given that Italy are currently in sixth place with 7 wins and 21 points, two wins behind the Netherlands, also sponsored by Erreà. To win promotion, in fact, Mazzanti's girls will have to climb another place in the overall rankings; in addition to the Dutch team, the Italians also have Turkey in their sights. Italy's goal is to repeat the excellent performances of the Rotterdam Pool, with three wins against top tier teams such as Serbia and Netherlands.   The schedule for the Eboli Pool is as follows: 12/06 Brazil vs Belgium 3-1; Italy vs Thailand 3-0 13/06 Brazil vs Thailand 3-1; Italy vs Belgium 3-0 14/06 Belgium vs Thailand (5.00 pm); Italy vs Brazil (8.00 pm) This is the general ranking: USA (11 wins, 34 pts); Brazil (10 wins, 28 pts); Serbia and Turkey (9 wins, 28 pts); Netherlands (9 wins, 26 pts); Italy (7 wins, 21 pts); China (6 wins, 20 pts); Russia (6 wins, 18 pts); Poland (6 wins, 17 pts); Japan (6 wins, 16 pts); Germany and South Korea (5 wins and 14 pts); Belgium (3 wins, 9 pts); Dominican Republic (2 wins, 8 pts); Thailand (2 wins, 7 pts); Argentina (0 wins, 0 pts). The other Pool 17 in Stuttgart, Germany: Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, China.   12/6 Turkey vs Netherlands 2-3; Germany vs China 1-3     13/6 China vs Netherlands 1-3; Germany vs Turkey 1-3 14/6 China vs Turkey (5.30 pm); Germany vs Netherlands (8.30 pm)