By overtaking the USA and China, to take first place in the general rankings, and with the qualification of the Netherlands, sporting the Erreà logo, the schedule for the F6 of the Grand Prix has now been finalised. Games will be played, for the first time, in Bangkok in Thailand where the Round Robin formula has been replaced by two final pools of three teams, followed by semi-finals and finals. The facility that will host the finals will be the Indoor Stadium Huamark. These are the pools: Pool K: USA, China, Netherlands Pool J: Thailand, Russia, Brazil Schedule of Matches: 6 July 10.00 am USA - Netherlands 1.00 pm Pool K: Thailand - Brazil 7 July 10.00 am Pool J: China - Netherlands 1.00 pm Pool K: Russia - Brazil 8 July 10.00 am Pool J: USA - China 1.00 pm Pool K: Thailand - Russia 9 July 10.00 am Semifinal 1 1st Pool J - 2nd Pool K 1.00 pm Semifinal 2 1st Pool K - 2nd Pool J 10 July 7.00 am 5th & 6th Place Final: 3rd Pool J - 3rd Pool K 10.00 am 3rd & 4th Place Final: 1.00 pm 1st & 2nd Place Final