Respect for the classical combined with the creation of new ideas and the search for new stylistic solutions is a feature of the new official shirts that Erreà has created for next season for Jagiellonia Bialystok, the star of the Ekstraklasa, the top tier of Polish football.   The home shirt is a reaffirmation of the traditional, with the usual pattern of broad horizontal yellow and red bands, with black edgings in the sleeve ends and at the bottom of the shirt. The basic, v-neck collar in yellow with red edging makes up the shirts that have fitted wearability with all the logos being transfer printed.   Technological innovation and extensive research into the fabric used has resulted in one of the most highly-prized and cutting-edge yarns in the world of football. The new fabric is, in fact, constructed with a special honeycomb weave made up of micro air chambers, resulting in less of the fabric coming into contact with the skin and guaranteeing exceptional lightness, a considerable breathability effect and excellent regulation of body temperature. The two-ply thread is made up of different coloured fibres in order to obtain the characteristic mélange result, a light-dark effect obtained with a double dyeing typically used for leisurewear style.   The away shirt is in an eye-catching and aggressive black, as is the collar, on which thin anthracite grey lines have been printed tone-on-tone. These increase in width as they progress downwards towards the bottom of the shirt. The red and the yellow, that are a reference to the club’s colours, enliven and enrich the shirt, with fine paired edgings that cross the shirt's front and shoulders.   The unprecedented and original third shirt has a white background with horizontal stripes printed in light grey. But this shirt’s outstanding feature is a yellow and red stripe that starts from the black v-shaped collar, and splits the shirt in two vertically to enliven the graphic and stylistic line.   The wearability and models, together with the B-Hive fabric, are the same as the first shirt.