In collaboration once again with Robbie Williams, Erreà has created the third kit of the Valiants. 

The kit, in a bright green colour that is a tribute to the Synectics Solutions brand, the front sponsor, features the same design and central pattern as the home kit. And like the home kit, the third kit saw the involvement of the famous rockstar throughout the whole creative process, which is inspired by the image associated with Robbie Williams.

Embroidered on the shirt, fans will find the initials W.N.E:"Want, Need, Expect", the team's slogan for the season: “If you really want to win, you must put in the training you need, do your best - then you can expect to win.”

Carol Shanahan, President of the Club, said: “Our third kit is a major celebration of the Port Vale family: our group of businesses, staff, fans, and all those who are a part of our community. The choice of the colour is an acknowledgement of the success Synectics Solutions has allowed us to obtain, helping to promote the Port Vale brand and allow it to evolve, on and off the field.  We are extremely grateful to our fans for the incredible support they have been able to transmit to us during the past months.”

The third kit made its début on Saturday 19 September against Exeter City.