The Under 19 European Volleyball Championship - Men is taking place in Gy?r and Puchov (Hungary and Slovakia) from Saturday 22 to Sunday 30 April. No fewer than three national teams will be sporting the Erreà logo during the competition: Italy, France and Belgium. Italy plays its opening match in the Championship against Bulgaria and then goes on to face a far from easy group which also includes: Hungary, Poland, Russia and Belgium. The top six teams in this European tournament will win tickets to the U19 World Championship, to be held in Bahrain from 18 to 27 August, whereas the top seven, along with Hungary, as the host nation, will have the possibility of participating in the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) in July in Gy?r. These are the Rounds:Pool I (Gy?r, Hungary): Hungary, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia and Belgium. Pool II (Puchov, Slovakia): Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Finland, France and the Czech Republic. Here are the matches to be played: 22 April Pool I: 3.30pm Poland - Russia; 6.00pm Hungary - Belgium; 8.30pm Bulgaria – Italy. Pool II: 3.00pm Czech Republic - Turkey; 5.30pm Slovakia - France; 8.00pm Finland - Romania. 23 April Pool I: 3.30pm Belgium - Russia; 6.00pm Hungary - Bulgaria; 8.30pm Italy - Poland. Pool II: 3.00pm Turkey - France; 5.30pm Romania-Slovakia; 8.00pm Czech Republic - Finland  24 April Pool I: 3.30 pm Bulgaria - Belgium; 6.00pm Poland - Hungary; 8.30pm Russia - Italy. Pool II: 3.00pm France - Romania; 5.30pm Slovakia - Czech Republic; 8.00pm Finland – Turkey 26 April Pool I: 3.30pm Bulgaria - Poland; 6.00pm Hungary - Russia; 8.30pm Belgium - Italy. Pool II:  3.00pm Czech Republic - France; 5.30pm Finland - Slovakia; 8.00pm Turkey - Romania. 27 April Pool I: 3.30pm Russia - Bulgaria; 6.00pm Italy - Hungary; 8.30pm Poland - Belgium. Pool II: 3.00pm France - Finland;  5.30pm Romania - Czech Republic; 8.00pm Slovakia - Turkey.