The creative inspiration of an artist of the calibre of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and his unmistakable style are what define Benetton Rugby's third jersey which will make its debut on the field on 28th December for the culminating home match against the Zebre.

A new kit design entrusted to the iconic stylist Castelbajac which, as with the first two official 2019-2020 kits presented at the start of the season, perfectly evokes the past and historical origins of the Benetton Group. The combination of geometric squares and bright colours links and echoes the evident tribute to the famous woollen pullovers which made Benetton (title sponsor of the team for over forty years) famous and recognized the world over.

The end result is sophisticated with an aesthetic impact which also conceals a much deeper message linked to the use of colours and their meaning, as the famous French stylist explained when he was called upon to talk about the inspiration behind the kits: “I've always loved rugby, I was born in an area of France, the south-west, where rugby almost represents a spiritual culture, a way of being, of living together and facing the difficulties of life united through solidarity. When Benetton Rugby asked me to design this new kit, the idea of a medieval shield immediately came to my mind in which each colour has a precise value. There is red, the colour of fire, vivacity and courage; blue, the colour par excellence of spirituality and strength; yellow, the colour of radiance, friendship and brotherhood; green, the colour of hope. I combined these colours with the idea that together they could truly bring together and eliminate all the differences between countries, between people. In particular, with reference to Benetton Rugby, it is meant to be a celebration of an exceptional team, whose spirit is always geared up for the challenge, courage and team strength."

A unique, collectors' kit that aims to constitute an example and above all, carry a message of hope.

When it comes to the technical aspects and attention to detail, the upper part of the shirt, at chest height, is once again characterised by a distinctive rubberised serigraph located in the areas where the ball is most likely to be caught. The inside of the round neck bears the motto found on all the kits and leisurewear collection: “E’ ORA DI RUGGIRE” (IT'S TIME TO ROAR). Furthermore, a completely new feature is given by the presence of the players' surnames on the back of the shirt.

Also confirmed is the use of the technology applied to the shirt that below the collar includes a space, held in place by a special thickened fabric, to house the GPS tracking device that monitors players’ performances throughout the match.The fabric used to make the main body of the kit is highly technical, characterised by exceptional strength as well as representing the perfect balance between elasticity and lightness.