The best in world swimming will be competing in the Piscina Scandone, in the first meet after the Tokyo Olympics. The event will deliver more than a month of great swimming from 26 August to 30 September, during which the world’s leading ten teams will compete in a star-studded event, taking place over five weekends, under the auspices of the ISL.

The ISL (International Swimming League) was established 3 years ago, at the behest of the London-based Ukrainian entrepreneur and philanthropist, Konstantin Grigorishin, who revolutionised the world of swimming with an innovative format that would involve all of the world's great metropolises and the planet's most famous swimmers. The ISL is, in fact, a world team championship, staged for the first time for swimming in 2019 Ever since its first season all of the world's best international competitors have taken part, with more than 150 Olympic and World Championship medal holders, and men and women swimmers from more than 50 countries.

Erreà Sport is taking part in the the project as the “local supplier” in the phase that will take place in Naples, kitting out 250 participants, including competition judges and poolside personnel. Logistical personnel will wear a t-shirt, a polo shirt and Bermuda shorts, whilst the 60 competition judges will be supplied with a totally customised range of clothing.

Of the three phases envisaged, the first will also known as the Regular Season, will take place entirely in Naples from 26 August to 30 September, with a total of eleven encounters over 22 days of competition. The second phase will see the best 8 teams challenging one another in the playoffs in November, while the final four is scheduled for the first week in January.