The technical partnership between Erreà Sport and the Vatican City’s first-ever Sports Association has been officially renewed.

This extension of the agreement, which began in 2019-2020, will see Erreà Sport continuing as Athletica Vaticana’s official technical sponsor for the next two years.

The collaboration between Erreà and Athletica Vaticana is founded on the shared ethical principles that both of them have in common, and that have made this significant partnership possible. The fundamental respect for the health of athletes and consumers guaranteed by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification and the extreme attention paid to the quality of the fabrics and garments were all decisive factors in the continuation of this truly unique collaboration.

“In Erreà we discovered a family of friends who, with their style of working, share and support the service to the athletes which Pope Francis entrusted to Athletica Vaticana. A style and service focused on the individual who, in full recognition of personal dignity, is part of a team-community and always lives, even at the highest professional level, with the passionate spirit of the amateur,” says Giampaolo Mattei, President of the Vatican Association.  “Athletica Vaticana,” the President goes on to explain, “shares Erreà’s attention to workers’ right with its decision not to move production outside of the European Union, to countries where workers, and above all children, may be exploited. Not to mention its attention to product quality, with an ethical profile and respect for the environment, in keeping with the ‘Laudato si’ and ‘All brothers’ encyclicals. This is why Athletica Vaticana has also created, in collaboration with Erreà, the original ‘We Run Together’ T-shirt for people wishing to show their commitment to sport being truly inclusive and united. For everyone, in other words.”

We are honoured to be continuing this important collaboration with Athletica Vaticana,” explains Angelo Gandolfi, President of Erreà Sport. Because Athletica Vaticana’s mission is not just about competitiveness. As the motto of this special association, ‘We run together’, suggests, great goals cannot be achieved except with others. This vision also fully complements our own philosophy. For Athletica Vaticana, running is an expression of friendship, acceptance, solidarity and culture. We are happy to renew a unique partnership which is a source of great human and professional enrichment.”

Photo credit Cristian Gennari/Siciliani