Respect for tradition and modernity come together in the new kits that Erreà has created for “The Dale” for the forthcoming 2019-2020 season.

In keeping with last season's shirt, the first shirt revisits tradition in an original and creative way, with distinctive vertical black stripes against a blue background. The black stripes are not, however, sharp and uniform, but rather, they fade away at the bottom through the use of special geometric stripe graphics. The upper part of the collar is in white, as are the edges of the sleeves, whilst the lower part of the rounded V-neck is in blue. With slim-fit wearability, all three strips feature the addition of a double fabric: a technical material, particularly soft and lightweight in the middle part, combined with the utility insert down the sides, the shoulders and at the back of the collar, characterised by special micro-holes that guarantee exceptional ventilation and breathability.

The striking and very elegant second kit, has a twin wide blue and black stripe, on top of the all grey background, running vertically down the middle of the shirt. The model and fabrics are identical, and this case there is graduated shading with the stripe pattern.

The third shirt in an original fuchsia, is daring and imaginative, and features a transfer printed nuanced Jacquard pattern. All of the contrasting details such as the edges of the collar and sleeves are in black, embellishing and framing the graphics.