Here is the new third kit that Erreà has created for Cheltenham Town, a team eager to extend its heartfelt thanks to season ticket holders for their support in this highly unusual season.

In fact, the central section of the shirt (in the works since last October) will bear the names of each and every season ticket holder who opted to waive their season ticket refund. The names will be sublimation printed on the shirt together with the words "Thank you 2021-2022" inside the neckline.

A gesture bursting with affection and gratitude towards those 765 supporters who donated their season ticket money to help the club through the most challenging time in its history.

A fantastic job by the Club which is now collecting and checking all the names to complete the shirt which is scheduled for delivery at the beginning of summer. In the meantime the Club has given its fans the chance to pre-order the new shirt at the team's official on-line shop.

Great Job!