Worn by the team’s two joint captains, Antoine Miquel and Quentin Béthune, Agen Rugby's new official kits for the forthcoming 2018-2019 Top 14 season were presented. With a blue background, enriched by details in white, the new shirt features a very distinctive graphic, consisting of a circular and concentric design that is digitally transfer printed, as is the rest of the kit, and located below the main sponsor's name, Bigard. Almost a fast-moving vortex that gives a sense of dynamism, speed and momentum, and not just to the new shirts but to the club’s entire season as well. A great deal of attention has gone into the shirt’s features, such as the inside of the white collar where the French flag appears, whereas a modern touch to the back where the words @agen_rugby appear. The grip too, in the form of the Erreà logo, is also distinctive. Positioned across the chest, it is a rubberised serigraph designed to help with the catching of the ball in the more exposed parts. The “Ruck” fabric used for making the shirt is designed specifically for rugby and is a 100% Italian yarn: its extraordinary resistance and hold simultaneously ensure exceptional elasticity and wearability.   The away shirt features the same graphics and fabric but the colours are reversed. The shirt is all white with a circular graphic, and the top's sides and the inside of the collar in blue.  video: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6sh5j8