Blackpool FC’s strips for the forthcoming 2018-2019 season focus on simplicity, the technical aspect of the fabric and on the firmness of the lines. Erreà has prepared two strips for “the Tangerines” that are at the same time classical yet elegant and stylish.   The first kit comes in the classic orange with contrasting white edges and inserts. The white details are to be found along the shoulders, on the sleeve ends and collar that has a tear-drop design with a horizontal fake placket closing the neckline. The fabric of the body of the shirt is a technical yarn that is extremely soft, comfortable and breathable and is capable of helping sweat evaporate fast and drying very quickly. The combination of a distinctive mesh stitched down the sides helps regulate the body's temperature still further. The embroidered club logo is on the top left of the shirt, whilst the club name can be found on the inside of the collar.   The second strip uses the same model and characteristics but with the colours reversed, that is to say the shirt is white and all the details are in orange.