Innovative, spirited and stylish.   These are the features of the new kits that Erreà has created for “the Dale” for the forthcoming 2018-2019 season.   The first, original and creative, is a return to the traditional with the distinctive black vertical stripes on a blue background. The black stripes are not, however, sharp and uniform, but rather, they fade away at the top and bottom through the use of special dot-like graphics. The v-neck collar is white as are the sleeve ends.   The second kit is exact and very elegant, with a twin blue-black band across an all white background, that crosses the shirt horizontally. Blue and black are the colours that finish off the shirt with a large blue insert on the shoulders and black edging on the sleeve ends.     The third strip is daring and imaginative, in an original pink, it features a transfer printed nuanced pattern that is a play on geometrics. Innovation too for the fabric used, constructed with a special honeycomb weaving made up of micro air chambers. The presence of these chambers means that there is a smaller quantity of fabric on the skin, therefore providing a sensation of extreme lightness with a significant breathability effect. The two-ply thread is made up of different colours in order to obtain the characteristic mélange colour, a light-dark effect provided by a double dyeing that is typical of the leisurewear style. Soft and very comfortable to the touch, the new B-Hive fabric follows the body's every moment with a natural flow.