Identity and links with the local area have always been key concepts for Erreà Sport, which - together with Allianz Powervolley Milano - has decided to create a special celebratory shirt.

The aim, shared by Erreà Sport, the team from Milan and Allianz (main sponsor), is to further strengthen links with the fabric of the city, by celebrating the opera house that is a symbol of Italian culture worldwide.

For Milan, 7 December is not only the day dedicated to the city’s Patron Saint Ambrose; it also sees the start of its opera season.

So what more appropriate occasion to identify with one of the Lombard city’s most distinctive symbols?

The competition shirt, in a classic, elegant style, comes in an original, parchment-like colour, with a brown floral frame at the top. The same colour is featured on the trim of the collar, while the groove of the collar is white, like the thick edges of the sleeves.

The libero kit is designed in red, and features the same pattern as the other shirt, this time in shades of gold.

Like all Erreà garments, this edition is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

The kits will be worn on Sunday 5 December at the Allianz Cloud arena during the Powervolley Milano – Kione Padova championship fixture.