Erreà Sport and Megavolley Vallefoglia unveil the new 2021-2022 kits in anticipation of the upcoming start of the Serie A1 championship.

The first shirt combines the classic club colours of white, as the background of the body of the shirt, and green, along the sides and upper section, which features the image of the eyes of a tiger. The black round neck, a revised model with a notch on the left-hand side, makes an impact.

The tiger image is absent from the second shirt, which therefore maintains the same graphic effect as the first but using finer lines.

The libero's shirt, meanwhile, combines fluorescent yellow with maroon details, and maintains the same design, but this time dedicated to the sponsor Supercap. It therefore features small references to the sponsor in the form of images of the closures produced by the company.

The kits are semi-slim fitting and made from a fabric that is particularly soft and extremely comfortable, thanks to the double-knit construction characterised by tiny micro-holes that facilitate rapid heat evaporation and perfect breathability.