The lightning bolt and the palm are the two symbols that play a key role on the new shirts created by Erreà Sport for RC Cannes Volley-Ball.

For the two home and the two away shirts, the care taken with the symbols and the details gives the new kits a superb style and fully expresses the identity of the French club.

The first home kit is blue with a white neckline and sides. Printed across the centre of the shirt is the image of the lightning bolt, also in white, blue and gold. The icon, introduced last year, has become the official symbol of RC Cannes, and is synonymous with power and strength (RCC is the most successful women’s volleyball team in France, remaining unbeaten and topping the rankings for years), as well as with speed and energy, thanks to the rapidity with which the girls on the team this season move around the court.

The second home shirt features the same model, with a more evident insertion of the colour gold on the right side and left sleeve and the design of the palm in the centre, which has been the emblem of the city of Cannes since the Middle Ages and of the Cinema Festival since 1975.

The two away shirts have the same model and design, but this time in white. All four kits are embellished with the French flag in the centre of the collar and on the back. The close-fitting shape is the perfect complement to the “Aria” fabric, made from a special latest-generation Italian yarn that is particularly fine and breathable.

Characterized by tiny micro-holes which let air in and heat out, close-fitting but light, “Aria” is ideal for ensuring maximum comfort during competition while at the same time offering an impeccable fit that shows off the feminine figure.