The partnership between Lega Pro and Erreà Sport grows even stronger and more consolidated.

Out of this fruitful partnership has come C60, the new football. It is exclusively produced by Erreà to celebrate an important milestone, namely the 60th anniversary of Lega Pro.

The name of the football, customised and made to measure for the occasion, combines the “C” of Lega Pro with the date of the anniversary and contains a mix of technology and innovation that is perfect for the highest levels of competition. The graphic texture is hugely significant and hints at a worn, vintage effect that evokes and symbolically tells of infinite numbers of passes, shots, saves and goals, precisely like the 60 years of Lega Pro. In particular the football celebrates the 32-panel structure, in the white background and black pentagons, typical of Television Star. A historic evocation, therefore, finished with the customisation of the Erreà logo in gold and that of C60 Lega Pro 1959-2019.

At a technical characteristic level, as a result of the innovative structure consisting of 32 thermally bonded panels, the R-176 textured polyurethane micro particle coating and the special butyl bladder, C60 also offers, in addition to guaranteeing footballers a very high sensitivity and explosive response to the foot, an excellent guarantee of impermeability and retention of all its properties in all playing conditions.

And so it is that Lega Pro celebrates its first 60 years with C60, that is not simply intended to be a football but, in a much broader sense, the bearer of a message of sport and culture. The emblem of the sport of football that starts again from tradition and history, “the football that once was”, emotional and pure, made up of heroic players and unforgettable feats that brings the love for this sport back to the centre of the pitch and the attention.

 Statement by Angelo Gandolfi, President of Erreà Sport:

 “We are very proud to be able to celebrate this anniversary and this very important milestone with Lega Pro. The football that we have created and produced with so much study for the occasion, is an excellence that distinguishes itself because of its innovation and extreme quality. It is a real top of the range item that we are pleased to present today in this prestigious venue. But there's a lot more to it than just the technical aspect. In its creation, we drew our inspiration from key values such as history, the strong sense of identity, tradition, courage, passion and beauty that must still be a feature of the world of football today. These are principles in which Lega Pro has always believed and to which we, as a company, strongly aspire.”

“We are satisfied with the agreement with Erreà, from which a ‘teamwork’ has grown”- said Francesco Ghirelli, Lega Pro President- “and with the presentation of the new football with its innovative features. The ball, in particular, along with the shirt represent the strong sense of identity, of belonging to a city, to a team and the pride and passion of millions of supporters, of all those who follow Serie C. In this moment it is also tradition and it tells us about our history, about the extraordinary and glorious history of cities and the feats of champions in the sixtieth year of the creation of Serie C by Artemio Franchi.”