This likeable national team and real revelation of these 2016 European Championships, exits the tournament following its defeat to France. It does so, but only after having touched everyone’s hearts, thanks to the pride of its people, the often exciting goal-filled matches and its peculiar dance, lead by captain Gunnarsson. The fairy tale that this team has brought to Europe and the world during these last few weeks will go down in history forever. The final snapshot is the image that has accompanied us ever since the team made its first appearance, with Aron Gunnarsson leading the rhythmic clapping of the geyser-sound, with the celebrating Blues also dominating the scene. A loud, impassioned chant, symbolic of the volcanoes of the island of ice, that were never silenced, just as the more than ten thousand fans, who made up the sea of blue that had travelled to France, weren’t. Erreà is enormously proud and would like to thank KSI for the incredibly emotional moments with which the fans and lovers of this sport have been rewarded, as well as for the example of bravery and pride that made Iceland and its people the most beautiful part of these European Championships.