The charity futsal match, which took place at the Palasanquirico in Asti, on Friday 27 January was a big event watched by large numbers of spectators. The event, entitled “Falcao Orange Futsal and Luparense together for Norcia”, was a great exhibition of star players from the world of five-a-side domestic and international football and it proved a great success. The charity event was staged to raise funds and demonstrate solidarity for the survivors of the recent earthquake who are currently living in extremely difficult conditions. All of Asti's stars of recent years, as well as the youngsters from the youth sector took to the court to play against the renowned team from Veneto. The main attraction and star of the event was the strongest five-a-side footballer of all time, Falcao, who recently received the FIFA 2017 Award as the best five-a-side player in the world. During the evening he thrilled the crowd with some magical play and was the highest scorer on the night.Orange Futsal won the match 9-8, but in the end what mattered more than the result was the fact that it was a truly entertaining evening filled with so much solidarity.