From 24 to 27 September, Imola will be hosting the Road Cycling World Championships 2020.

For this important occasion, Erreà Sport, technical partner for the teamwear of FCI, the Italian Cycling Federation, will be supplying all athletes of the men’s and women’s national teams with a special customised polo shirt produced in the new Ti-energy antiviral fabric.

The Italian National team shirt is white, with an elegant polo collar featuring buttons and trimmed with the tricolour flag, and is made from the new antiviral and antibacterial Ti-energy fabric.

Studies have shown that, when exposed to the HCov-OC43 coronavirus in the lab, the Ti-energy fabric is able to massively reduce the viral load, with a reduction of 4.5 log after 1 hour of contact. In other words, the Ti-energy fabric was found to have the potential to reduce viral contamination from the HCoV-OC43 coronavirus by more than 99.9% compared to initial contamination levels during laboratory tests.

This extraordinary success in the world of fabrics was made possible by the use of two separate technologies: the zinc oxide nanoparticles, permanently encapsulated in the fibres, which have antiviral and antimicrobial properties, and the Minusnine J1+ treatment, which makes the fabric super-impermeable to liquids.This dual function allows the fabric to form an effective protective barrier against droplets, liquids and micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses).

Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Ti-energy is therefore set to make its debut in the world of cycling, on the enormously prestigious stage of the World Championships.

A momentous accomplishment, which reaffirms Erreà’s commitment to continuous improving, always taking all players into account and making their protection its top priority.