Two Erreà Clubs have reached the semi-final playoffs of French basketball’s major league.

A.S. Monaco beat Limoges CSP 90-62, whereas JDA Dijon Basket went through as a result of their 89-85 win against SIG Strasbourg.

The other semi-final will be between Nanterre and LDLC Asvel.

The semi-final programme and dates are as follows:

A.S. Monaco Basket vs JDA Dijon Basket 

01/06 at 6.30 pm 

03/06 at 8.45 pm 

06/06 at 8.45 pm 

08/06 at 6.30 pm 

10/06 at 7 pm

LDLC ASVEL vs Nanterre 92 

02/06 at 6.30 pm

04/06 at 8.45 pm 

07/06 at 8.45 pm 

09/06 at 6.30 pm 

11/06 at 8.45 pm

A hugely satisfying outcome for Erreà, the official technical supplier to two of the semi-final teams.

Our very best wishes to everyone!