The new kits for Nantes Volley, this season yet again designed by Erreà, are extremely feminine and elegant.

While always respecting tradition, the desire to innovate and offer new stylistic solutions every season is once again confirmed.

The latest main feature is the original and refined floral pattern on the sleeves of both shirts.

The home kit comes in the classic blue colour with yellow print and this colour combination is inverted on the away kit.

A lot of attention to detail has gone into the neckband, designed with a unique V shape that embraces the colours of the French flag in the centre. The texture with which it is produced, using sublimation printing, deliberately echoes (in miniature) the graphics used on the sleeves. The back of the shirt carries the motto "Là où il y a une volonté, il y a un chemin" (Where there's a will, there's a way) written in Italics.

Another innovative feature can be seen on the side inserts characterized by the official club hashtag, PassionNantes, written in light blue, yellow and white. The hashtag is also repeated on the back of the shirt.