Erreà Sport and USA Archery have come together to announce their official one year partnership. Erreà will supply USA Archery team members with products from their Active Tense® line. “We are excited to team up with USA Archery and some of the most successful archers globally. This partnership clearly underlines Erreà leadership in archery, and will help us to further strengthen our position in a key market like the United States and around the world. At the same time, this collaboration marks a milestone for us when it comes to the Active Tense high performance base-layer line of products.” (Roberto Gandolfi, Erreà Sport CEO) As part of the agreement, Erreà will supply Active Tense products to all of USA Archery’s Senior USAT and Para USAT athletes. In addition, Erreà will supply product at a discount to all the other USAT programs (Master, Junior, Cadet and Barebow), the Collegiate All-American Team, Resident Athletes and Junior Dream Teams.  Active Tense® is an innovative line of technical gear, that has gained popularity within the Archery community worldwide. Inspired by the principles of kinesiology taping, a flexible exoskeleton is embedded in seamless garments to give exceptional stabilization and support on joints and muscles during training, competition and recovery. Active Tense® offers better biomechanics through its unique taping system, while giving a complete range of motion, proper posture alignment and support to rotator cuffs, shoulder joints, trapezius and rhomboids.