Monday 30 January saw the the official announcement of the sponsorship deal between Erreà Sport and FFGym, the French Gymnastics Federation. This is a prestigious four-year agreement that will see Erreà working alongside the French Federation until the next Olympics, to supply all its team and leisurewear. Erreà has chosen to put all of its expertise, in the field of technical-sports garments and in the area of customisation, into this collaboration with a hugely significant federation that has more than 300,000 members. And Erreà has actually produced an exclusive merchandising range for the occasion that will go on sale in various Intersport retail outlets throughout France. The FFGym's decision to select Erreà as its new technical partner was swayed by the internationally acknowledged quality of Erreà's products, Oeko-Tex certification, and the excellent working relationship that has been established with the Federation over the years. The photo shows James Blateau, President of the FFgym and Enzo Montucchio, Errea’s Director of Sales for France, at the moment of the signing.